Ancient Peoples Didn’t Brush Their Teeth! So, Why Do I Have To?

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History tells us that in the ancient past, people didn’t brush their teeth as we do today. Certainly, they didn’t have anything like fluoridated toothpaste, and yet they didn’t have as many cavities or dental health issues as we have today. Why is this? And, why are modern man’s teeth so weak by comparison?

The first evidence of any kind of a toothbrush dates back to around 3,000 BC. Both the Egyptians and Babylonians were recorded using a “frayed twig” to get food particles out of their teeth, but this was a far cry from what our modern dentists advise us to do now. That is, brush two times per day and floss once per day—at a minimum.

One thing is for certain, the diet of ancient man was much better for their teeth. Modern man eats food that is vastly inferior to the natural edibles that our ancestors ate. Almost everything we put into our bodies today is processed. It has additives, preservatives, sugars, and chemicals that early man did not have in his/her food. They only ate foods that contained the pure, untampered nutrients and vitamins that were grown and eaten in season. No genetic alterations, or anything unnatural. Nowadays, there are too many unhealthy ingredients in our food, the worst being sugar, which is an enemy of the teeth. Another point that is critical, people of the past ate a lot more fiber, which not only gave them a healthy digestion system, but kept the mouth and teeth clean similar to a toothbrush—cleaning away food particle, acids, and bacteria from the mouth.

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