Smile Restorations Begin with Laser Dentistry

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How much do you know about laser dentistry? With lasers, some oral health treatments can be administered in a new way, to safely and accurately improve and enhance your smile. Lasers have been around since 1994, but the dental community has constantly found new uses for them.

Laser dentistry is used in a variety of procedures including preparing your teeth for root canals and fillings. With lasers, dentists can easily eradicate decay or excess gum tissue around your teeth for these treatments. Lasers can clear away bacteria and plaque buildup to prepare a tooth for a root canal or filling.

Lasers are also highly effective in teeth whitening therapies. With professional teeth whiteners, there is often a special gel administered to your teeth via a whitening tray. For the gel to work, it must be activated by a light source, which in some cases is a laser, Once the laser has activated the gel, it can fully penetrate your teeth to break up stains and discolorations.

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